About Me

My name is David and I love slot machines. It’s is not thing about spending money or impressing myself, it is truly about the themes. I like trying to follow a theme or way of reasoning in my mind, based on the theme, that will help m=e find the jackpot. The amazing part ids, it works!! Sometimes its math, sometimes history, sometimes old stories or films, but I love playing the themed slots and thinking about the theme when I win!! It makes winning all the more fun!!

My first time in Vegas I spent all my trying to impress people with how much I knew about gaming. I read a book about it on the plane. My second time in Vegas, I just partied a lot and figured the casinos would ‘reimburse’ me at the slot machines.  Of course, they did not. My third trip, I won big, I mean really big. It was one of those weekends, and it all happened because I followed the theme of games. Now, I know that it’s the best way to both manage my time at the slots and up the ante at the right time. In the long run, it helps you know when you leave a machine or stick to a machine, and it will guide you to big winnings.

My last trip to Vegas, I hit the jackpot three times, all on themed machines, and I plan to return to those machines next time because I figure I’ve got them figured out. Here’s my blog about hot beat certain themes.