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March 17, 2014 at 7:58 am

Achilles High Stakes Heel

Achilles HeelIt’s obviously best to play Achilles themed games at the end of the night, if you’re night on the town has cooled down into some casino floor time. It’s a simple reverse psychology symbol that is designed to scare gamers into thinking that they should play the games nearby. However, these games can pay very well and should be played after the floor has been buzzing for a few hours, or after hours. Playing this in the morning can be huge as well, just remember that you’ve got to feel good about it when you sit down. You don’t want to pump a bunch of money into being hung over; you want to pump your money into it feeling the rejuvenation of it all, if it’s a morning after a long night. The reverse psychology is key, don’t lose confidence on this one, unless you want to walk away a loser.

You will only find this theme on the floor or near the door. If, for example, you are walking down a line of 30 machines, in a room of one-hundred, you might find one Achilles themed machine. Playing it will hook you into a victory search, but you should feel comfortable moving on to nearby machines. However, like any gamer will tell you, Achilles was the greatest warrior, and he only got beat once. There is no shame in playing these games for a fair amount of time.

Ah, one more thing, only play this game if you are there to have fun. This machine isn’t a time waster, it’s for the guys who want to take a real chance at victory, but understand the possibility of defeat. If you play it like this, you have a chance at pulling a high stakes return.

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