March 2, 2014 at 7:41 am

How to hit the Jackpot!

slotsLong before the indie horror flicks of today, Alfred Hitchcock was scaring people with camera angles and storylines that left audiences with absolute clarity of mental confusion. Experience this feeling while you dazzle yourself with mind’s ability to remember famous scenes from Hitchcock classics. This machine heighten your senses and you can be sure to feel the mood of the casino, just like movie-goers did every time Hitchcock released a new film.

The Hitchcock slot machine game lets you use your bonus rounds to select your favorite Hitchcock film and spin the wheels of chance. Don’t be too petrified though, you’ve got to up the ante when it counts, and really pay attention. It is said that Hitchcock was a man who knew the angles better than anyone, and that when his cameo appearance came, as it did in every one of his films, he would think of every angle in the film that was going to leave you in suspense. As such, each film had a unique mathematical aspect of suspense. Watch these angles align when you hit the jackpot!

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