July 8, 2014 at 4:45 pm

Online Bingo – The Modern Era

Spend just 1 hour in front of the television, on the web, or even browsing through a newspaper and I’d bet my bottom dollar you’d come across an advert for online Bingo, or even one of the many new bingo Apps. With Bingo being mostly associated with the elderly, and the old rustic bingo halls – Who’s controlling the modern version of the game?

As recent as 2004, there was just under 20 officially registered online bingo sites – In the UK as of today, we have over 350 online bingo sites, from operators as long associated with bingo as Mecca and Gala to newcomers like The Daily Mail and the Sun – it very much appears everyone wants a piece of the Bingo Pie.

Advertised and played typically surrounded by pinks and purple decorations, it’s not too difficult to work out the target audience for the majority of these big players – But then who is playing the game?

The huge growth of the online bingo sites came after the 2005 Gambling Act, which became much more lenient on the previous strict regulation and allowed advertising for the first time. Not only were women now enthusiastically being encouraged to have a wager, this was seen as a big chance to make up for falling numbers in bingo halls. As of 2010 The Gambling Commissions Gambling Prevalence Survey suggests that 12% of women (compared to 6% of men) play bingo.

The low cost of the game (as low as 1p on certain sites) means that bingo is a great, cheap night in for a large number of people who enjoy the playing games and socialising with the chat rooms.

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