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February 15, 2014 at 7:33 am

Revealing the Ultimate Prize

Winnie the Pooh is one of the most beloved children’s books characters in the history of children’s entertainment. Who could forget his adventures with his best friend, Christopher Robin, and his little side-kick, piglet, who always seemed to have something to say about staying safe, and getting the right answer. Poor Eor, always having a ‘bad day’, and his friends ‘tigger’, a complete contrast in style and energy, promoting himself at any chance he gets. This band of friends experience calm and relaxing, amusing adventures at the prodding of their good friend, Christopher Robin.

Now, enjoy all the memories you thought had lost, and spin the wheel of chance on this standalone Winnie the Pooh slot machine game. Feel just like Christopher Robin when you hit the jackpot, playing quietly in your own playpen, just for the time being. Amuse yourself with the cute characters and even make up greetings between the characters when the wheels finally land. There is no rush to spin again, just enjoy the soft colors and fond memories of Christopher Robin and his friends. This machine is great for those parents who are on vacation.

The wheels are calm and slow, catching the honey as the revolve to your ultimate prize. Finally, live in the moment with Winnie the Pooh! Help him find his Honey!!

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