Get Lucky

February 4, 2014 at 7:30 am

Use Your Imagination

We all know that Christopher Robin was a complete ‘space cadet’; that kid had a very good imagination. Finally, somebody put an idea together to explain just how strangely ironic it is that boy with no friends can have such a great social life. It’s very similar to talking to Chewie while he fixes his ship. The conversation is happening, but not really, u don’t understand a word. Little Christopher Robin, babbling away at his toys, or Chewie, “cheweeing” at Hans Solo. Take your pick, with this game of luck. Go for a mash up!

Imagine spending a day at home on your computer, relaxing in your pj’s and cuddled up with a pillow, perhaps there is a film that you are sleeping through. Now, imagine getting that same sensation when you can’t experience it or don’t have the time. Maybe you are at work and you need a quick power-nap, or you just can’t fall asleep. Spin the wheels of chance with this online mash-up game, Wookie the Chew.

It’s a random mixture of Winnie the Pooh and Star Wars, complete with a fresh story board explanation and creative design. Enjoy the hilarious concept of combing the two stories and let your intuition guide you when to really go for it.

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